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Psion Dacom Gold Card Global Modem

Psion Dacom Gold Card Global Modem
Psion Dacom's Gold Card Global Modem 56k + fax, is a multifunction PC Card
which provides Internet, fax, data and GSM capabilities at 56Kbps.

It can also offer ISDN capabilities with much increased data bandwidths
when used with the ISDN adapter.

The Gold Card Global Modem incorporates flash memory, which enables the user
to upgrade easily to both GSM and ISDN as well as the new 56K (V.90) standard.

Approved for use globally, the country switching software application, EasySwitch,
is quick and simple to use wherever you are. Simply tell it which country you're in
and the modem configures itself to comply with the appropriate country standards.
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"I was really lucky to be told about XS4TRADE, really grateful they added Australia as a ship able destination, really delighted how quickly I got a very rare and well priced pair of parts - but really thrilled just by how good they've been to deal with. I'm saving up for some more expensive parts. They're still a steal considering their rarity, what they're from and for. Some things are well outside the provision of eBay, I really lucked in when I was told about xs4trade.ne"
Steffan - SYDNEY-ISH

"Thanks very much for helping me out with the part that I needed for my collection. Payment was easy and shipping was amazing fast all the way to New Zealand. Thanks for taking extra care to pack it well. Hope to do business with you again as you get new different stock in. A real pleasure :)"
Iain -

"Friday ordered VAM 1202 laser replacement for CD players. Saturday recieved it. Replaced it (needs soldering of 2 motors and a switch). My Marantz player works again! Thanks!"
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"Hans, as always, delivered the parts in a timely manner. They were accurately described and nearly impossible to find. I've done lots of business with him and will continue to do so. He's an honest guy and a pleasure to work with."
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